Data stations
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DS 210 - 310 - data station

Functions & Features:

1) Server designed to work in a LINUX type operating system environment, dominant in the area of servers.

2) Operating data can be exported to formats proper for further processing in the Microsoft Windows environment.

3) Data are accessible through a web browser using any computer connected to the network with the server.

4) Interconnection between server and graphical operating station (cashiers or managers station) runs with TCP/IP protocol allowing an optional location in the network of Internet/Intranet.

5) The system allows management of more parking zones of both dependent and independent structures.

6) Individual zones may be assigned different price lists.

7) A system of validation is usable, i.e. a discount to a customer can be granted and charged.


Technical Data:

Type: DS210/DS310

Processor: Intel ATOM/Intel Core 2 Quad.

Memory: 2GB/4GB

HDD: 250GB

Monitor: 19"

Operation System: LINUX                                     More...