Barpark, Trackpark, Tagpark
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A one–time use data carrier for short - term parkers is a barcode ticket printed on a fan-fold form ticket. Printed information is very durable and non sensitive to strong magnetic fields. BARPARK tickets allow the use of motorised coding units for swallowing the tickets at the exit, using validation tickets etc.







Magnetic strip systems are widely used in the world as the multi-functional one-slot technology, where only one single card slot is required for the parking ticket, credit cards and any other accepted forms of cashless payment. Apart from this, the magnetic strip with its re-encoding feature allows building better and safer bonus systems than barcode. The user identification are both encoded into the magnetic strip and printed on the surface of the card.







A data carrier for short–term parkers is a plastic memory card dispensed from the stacker at the entry terminal, and it is swallowed at the exit by the exit terminal. This makes the card re–usable and thus environmentaly friendly and minimises follow-up costs. The memory chip embeded in the card represents several times more memory than magnetic strip and it can be re-encoded by much cheaper means, which makes it ideal for bonus systems in shopping and leisure centres. This feature also supports building of multicard systems mainly for hotels, where the entrance card is re-encoded to a guest card valid for hotel lock, parking, fitness, ski lift etc. and is simply retained by exit terminal after the check out of the guest.




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