Swing Gate Operator LORD

Functions & Features:

1) The unique and neoteric structure meets the requirement of the market very well.

2) Electronic soft start.

3) Caution light, courtyard floodlight (time delay closing)

4) Automatically time delay closing (take effect at the open limit)

5) Anti-collision while opening the gate (Photocell 2)

6) Anti-collision while closing the gate (Photocell 1)

7) Anti-collision, anti-trapping, stops when meet obstacles (positive stop)

8) Start at stagger time (automatically take effect when start at the positive stop position)

9) Wire controlling, remote controlling can be selected

10) Sensitivity can be adjusted when it is blocking off.



Technical Data:

Voltage: 220V±10%, 110V±10%

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Capacitor: (220V) 8μF /450V, (110V) 30μF/250V

Power: 120W

Travel: 300nm

Motor speed: 1400n/min

Travel speed: 18sec

Protection grade: IP44

Working temperature: -20~75

Manual Release: Yes

Gross weight: 18kg

Max, weight of wing: 300kg

Max, length of wing: 2.5m

Max opening angle of wing: 110°

Sliding gate operator ADMIRAL and COMMANDER


This is the newest of our gate openers, with an all new design, clutch structure,shape and control system. The integration of the mechanical and electrical components provides hassle free installation and operation of a single unit, rather than multiple systems. The unique route control eliminates the route switch installation headaches and the unsteadiness of comparable products. The individuation of the clutch structure improves safety and reliability, and the unique clipper-built shape makes for a stylish and elegant product.




Functions and Features:

1). Integrated structure of mechanic and electric. No need to install other controllers.

2). Electronic soft-start

3). Automatically restraining when meeting obstacle

4). Crash proof and automatically restraining socket

5). Crash proof (photocell)

6). Alarm light socket

7). Line control and Remote control is optional

8).  Automatically increase the temperature when the temperature is below 0 degree.




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