Automatic parking barrier AZ 21x

Automatic parking barrier AZ 210/216/216RED

Automatic barrier gates AZ 200 of parking systems KINGPARKING® are produced in a large-scale family. Individual types differ in speed, length of arm and intensity of operation they are using for different kinds of parkings.

The barrier gate is installed in conjunction with a terminal in entries and exits of parking areas.

Functions & Features:

1) Intended for continuous operation

2) Sinusoidal arm drive

3) Self-locking gear box

4) Aluminium arm, standard width 2.5m

5) Opening time about 1 sec for opening angle 90º

6) Reversing on obstacle

7) Folding arm for entries with reduced vertical clearance

8) Feedback message about gate breaking and position of the barrier gate arm

9) Cabinet from zinc-coated and varnished 3mm steel sheet

10) Easy to access for service and maintenance

11) Micro-controller control, programmable, LED indicator of operation status and failures

12) For very frequented traffic

Technical Data:

Voltage: 220V±10%, 110V±10%

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Working Temperature: -30 ~ 75

Protection Grade: IP44                   More...




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